Trump bizarrely claims that Republicans ‘eat their young’

Former President compared himself to a baby animal in bizarre rant against some Republicans

Holly Hales
Monday 16 October 2023 08:51 EDT
Donald Trump calls Joe Biden a 'wretched old vulture'

Donald Trump has claimed that his fellow Republicans “eat their young” in what marks his latest bizarre comments.

The former president posted a pre-recorded video on his Truth Social platform over the weekend, where he wildly appeared to compare himself to a baby eaten by its own parents.

“The Republicans eat their young, they really do, and it’s a terrible statement but it’s true,” he said.

“And that’s the problem with so many in our party; they just don’t have the loyalty and the strength to stick together.”

In the rambling clip, Mr Trump, 77, also called fellow Republicans Utah Senator Mitt Romney and Former House Speaker Paul Ryan “losers” and “RINOs”.

He also claimed he could have beaten President Barack Obama out of a second term if he had run on the Republican party’s 2012 presidential ticket instead of Mr Romney and Mr Ryan.

His comments came after the two lawmakers hosted a two-day summit in Park City, Utah, last week aimed at finding an alternative to Mr Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination.

Despite his intense choice of words, Mr Trump’s speech appeared to be a somewhat repeat of another Truth Social post he penned last Tuesday.

“If [Romney] and RINO Paul fought as hard against Obama as they do against President Donald J Trump, they would never have lost,” he said.

“But remember, Republicans ‘Eat Their Young.’ That’s the problem with so many in our Party, they go after the people who are on their side, rather than the Radical Left Democrats that are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.”

The latest string of questionable comments comes after Mr Trump was mocked for taking aim at President Joe Biden’s physique and claiming he could beat him in a fight.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan starred on the Republican party’s 2012 presidential ticket

“He’s got a consultant somewhere – this is the worst consultant in politics – that thinks he looks good in a bathing suit, right?” Mr Trump told a crowd in Iowa on 7 October.

“And, you know, I have a much better body than him.”

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