Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene back controversial pistol braces as they tour gun shop: ‘I have one’

Biden administration regulation requires gun owners to pay fee or remove pistol braces

Kelly Rissman
Monday 25 September 2023 20:50 BST
Donald Trump poses with South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, right, at a gun store in South Carolina on 25 September.
Donald Trump poses with South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, right, at a gun store in South Carolina on 25 September. (Steven Cheung/Donald Trump campaign)

Former President Donald Trump and Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene toured a gun shop together and voiced support for pistol braces — a stabilising attachment that is steeped in controversy.

Under the Biden administration, a regulation went into effect that required pistol braces owners to register them and pay a fee or remove them. The legality of that rule is currently under review; last month, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals panel said it might be illegal, and sent it back to a federal judge in Texas.

Mr Trump seemed to once again butt heads with Mr Biden — but this time on his stance on pistol braces.

In a clip posted by Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung on Monday, Mr Trump can be heard saying, “I wanna buy one,” while touching a gun.

The video was captured at Palmetto State Armory, a gun store in Summerville, South Carolina, according to NBC News.

He was speaking to a gun store owner, who brought up pistol braces.

In a separate video, the store owner can be heard explaining pistol braces and the changes made around them to the former president: “In your administration, we sold close to 40 million. When Biden came in, he made all those people felons.” He said that they are now fighting restrictions on the pistol in court.

“I have one,” Rep Greene interjected. Her mom has one too, she can be heard saying, adding that the pistol brace helps her “because she doesn’t have to hold it, so it’s good.”

In a separate clip, the gun store owner asked the former president: “Can I tell the American people that if you’re elected, you’ll take care of the pistol brace issue quickly?”

Mr Trump replied, “We’ll take care of all issues.” He then switched gears to discussing other, unrelated issues that he wants to “take care of” if re-elected.

The Georgia Republican posted a photo of Mr Trump smiling while holding a firearm, writing: “President Trump doing a little shopping in South Carolina! He will protect our great Second Amendment!”

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