Jared Kushner’s family members throw maximum donations to Chris Christie campaign

Ex-New Jersey governor was a Trump-ally before turning on the former president

Gustaf Kilander
Washington, DC
Tuesday 25 July 2023 11:25 EDT

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Former President Donald Trump shouldn’t be expecting any Christmas cards from his son-in-law’s family after Jared Kushner’s relatives made it very clear who they were backing to run the country.

Mr Kushner’s aunt and uncle Murray and Lee Kushner have each maxed out the amount they are allowed to donate to a candidate’s campaign - slinging $3,000 each to Chris Christie’s presidential campaign.

It’s not the first time the Kushners have backed the former New Jersey governor over their nephew’s father-in-law – they also donated the maximum amount to Mr Christie’s campaign in 2015.

The issue becomes all the more awkward considering Mr Christie’s successful prosecution of Jared Kushner’s father Charles Kushner for tax fraud back in 2004, when Mr Christie was a US attorney.

There’s now no love lost between the pair – with Mr Christie employing the former president’s strategy of openly mocking his opponents.

“Breaking news… Donald Trump has released his Top-Secret plan for ending the war in Ukraine in 24 hours,” Mr Christie tweeted after Mr Trump commented that he knew how to end the invasion of Ukraine. “The Plan: He knows Putin and Zelensky ‘very well’ and will make a couple of calls. Move over Churchill, Trump is here to save the day.”

For his part, the former president has described his opponent as chubby and rambling.

“How many times did Chris Christie use the word SMALL? Does he have a psychological problem with SIZE?” Mr Trump wrote on Truth Social following a speech by his rival. “Actually, his speech was SMALL, and not very good. It rambled all over the place, and nobody had a clue of what he was talking about. Hard to watch, boring, but that’s what you get from a failed Governor (New Jersey) who left office with a 7% approval rating and then got run out of New Hampshire. This time, it won’t be any different!”

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