Ron DeSantis accused of overselling his Navy SEAL career at GOP debate

Florida governor served as legal adviser to a Navy SEAL commander in Iraq

Graeme Massie
Los Angeles
Thursday 24 August 2023 20:53 BST

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Ron DeSantis has been accused of overselling his Navy SEAL experience at the first Republican debate.

During the debate in Wisconsin on Wednesday night the Florida governor was asked if he would support compulsory military service in the US.

“I think it should be voluntary, I’m someone that volunteered to serve, inspired by September 11 and I deployed to Iraq alongside US Navy SEALs in places like Fallujah, Ramadi,” answered Mr DeSantis.

Although he never claimed to be an actual member of the elite fighting force, his answer was quickly seized on and criticized on social media.

Ex-Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger pointed out on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, that Mr DeSantis was a Judge Advocate General’s Corps lawyer.

“Nothing against JAGS, but quit trying to make people believe you were a navy seal. Jags go through two weeks of training vs other people,” posted Mr Kinzinger, who is a former Air Force pilot.

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