Watch: Biden marks release of latest US climate change assessment

Holly Patrick
Tuesday 14 November 2023 10:00 EST

Watch as Joe Biden attends an event marking the release of the latest US National Climate Assessment (NCA5).

According to a White House statement, the president has announced NCA5 “to equip Americans with the best available science and understanding of climate change impacts in the United States.”

It assesses “changes in the climate, its national and regional impacts, and options for reducing present and future risk.”

The assessment indicates that “not only is every region of the country already experiencing the impacts of climate change, but ambitious climate action is underway in every region as well,” the White House added.

The latest report showed that changes in multiple aspects of climate are apparent in every US region.

Five maps observed changes for five temperature, precipitation, and sea level rise metrics: warming is apparent in every region; the number of warm nights per year is increasing everywhere except the Northern Great Plains, where they have decreased; average annual precipitation is increasing in most regions, except in the Northwest, Southwest, and Hawai‘i; heavy precipitation events are increasing everywhere except Hawai‘i and the US Caribbean, where there has been a decrease, and relative sea levels are increasing along much of the US coast except in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, where there is a mix of both increases and decreases.

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