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Murder victims in Idaho white supremacist prison break ID’d as men aged 83 and 72: Latest

Police investigating whether white supremacist fugitives are responsible for killings, one of which may have been a carjacking

Ariana Baio,Mike Bedigan,Michelle Del Rey
Saturday 23 March 2024 13:00 GMT
Manhunt underway for white supremacist prison gang member, his alleged accomplice

The identities of the two men who were possibly murdered in connection with an Idaho prison escape have been released by officials.

The bodies of James L Mauney, 83, from the Juliaetta area and Gerald Don Henderson, 72 were found as officials searched for 31-year-old Skylar Meade and Nicholas Umphenour, an inmate and a man who had been recently released.

Mr Henderson died from an apparent gunshot wound but his manner of death is pending an autopsy investigation. Mr Mauney was carjacked by the men as he was walking his dogs. His body was found near his home.

Thursday afternoon, police captured Meade, who is aligned with a white supremacist group, and Umphenour near Leland, Idaho.

The episode started around 2.15am on Wednesday. Meade escaped a Boise hospital where he was seeking treatment for an apparent self-inflicted injury. As officers worked to transport the man back to the prison, Umphenour pulled up to the ambulance bay and began shooting allowing Meade to escape into his car.


What we know about Idaho inmate Skylar Meade’s links to white supremacist gangs

Escaped prisoner Skylar Meade and his accomplice Nicholas Umphenour have been recaptured after the two men coordinated a prison escape in Idaho on Wednesday, officials have said.

The men were later reported to have been associates while spending time behind bars at the Idaho Department of Corrections (IDOC). Both had links to the same white supremacist gang.

Here’s what we know:

Skylar Meade escaped from Idaho prison. What we know about his white supremacist ties

The prisoner remains on the run after escaping from the hospital

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 13:00

Inmate and accomplice found and taken into custody

Police in Idaho say they captured Skylar Meade and Nicholas Umphenour near Leland, Idaho on Thursday afternoon.

The two men were found after an extensive manhunt which was launched after Meade escaped from prison. Law enforcement alleges that Umphenour pulled up to the ambulance bay of a hospital where Meade was being treated and opened fire on police. Meade escaped with Umphenour in a vehicle.

But after tracking the car that the two men were seen driving off in, law enforcement found two other homicide victims and eventually, Meade and Umphenour.

It is unclear if the two homicides are connected to the inmate and the accomplice, an investigation into those are underway.

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 12:00

Police now investigating two homicides in connection with Meade’s escape

Detectives are now investigating two homicides at separate locations, and as Paris and Clearwater counties, in Idaho, that are believed to be tied to the escape of Skylar Meade.

Both homicides involve adult males and detectives are actively investigating according to Lieutenant Colonel Sheldon Kelly, of Boise Police.

No further information on the homicides is available at this time, though the county coroner will provide identity as well as the official cause of death in due course, Mr Kelly told reporters.

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 10:00

Boise police release photos of escaped inmate and accomplice

This photo provided by Boise Police Dept., shows Skylar Meade (AP)
This image provided by Boise Police Department shows Nicholas Umphenour (Boise Police Department)
Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 08:00

A prisoner escaped from custody in Idaho after an accomplice’s shooting spree. Here’s what we know

Three correctional officers shot and wounded – one by a responding police officer – in a chaotic firefight as Skyle Meade, a prisoner serving a 20-year sentence, was sprung by armed accomplice.

After both men were captured on Thursday, here’s everything we know about the incident:

Prisoner escapes from custody after accomplice’s shooting spree. Here’s what we know

Three correctional officers shot and wounded – one by a responding police officer – in a chaotic firefight as prisoner serving 20-year sentence is sprung by armed accomplice, writes Michelle Del Rey

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 07:00

Inmate and accomplice shared housing at one point

In a press conference on Thursday, Josh Tewalt, the director of the Idaho Department of Corrections, said that Skylar Meade and Nicholas Umphenour shared housing at one point while serving in the Idaho Maximum Security Institution.

The two had a crossover in the unit at the facility from December 2020 until January 2024.

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 06:00

Both Meade and Umphenour were members of same white supremacist group

Idaho prison escapee Skylar Meade and his accomplice Nicholas Umphenour were both part of the same white prison gang – the Aryan Knights – according to Josh Tewalt, the director of the Idaho Department of Corrections.

The Aryan Knights emerged in the mid-1990s to “organize criminal activity for a select group of white inmates within IDOC custody,” according to the Idaho District Attorney’s Office.

The group has white supremacist and white separatist ideologies. It is believed to have over 100 members inside and outside of IDOC. The group has used violence and threats of violence to target non-white inmates and other targeted inmates.

The Anti-Defamation League says the group will identify themselves with tattoos for the number “12” as well as “A” and “K”.

Meade’s tattoos – 1 and 11 – are thought to represent A and K, the first and 11th letters of the alphabet, which supposedly stands for Aryan Knights.

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 05:00

Three correctional officers shot in prison escape recovering

Three Idaho Department of Corrections officers were shot as inmate Skylar Meade escaped from a hospital in Boise. Officials re-arrested Meade and his accomplice Nicholas Umphenour on Thursday.

Police say that the incident started at 2.15am on Wednesday when officials transported inmate Meade to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center for medical treatment.

As the officers were preparing to transport the inmate back to a correctional facility, an unknown suspect attacked and fired at the officers, hitting two of them, according to officials.

Additional officers responded to the hospital amid news of a shooting and the facility went into lockdown as police searched for suspects. One officer fired his gun at an armed individual near the entrance of the facility. Officials later determined that the person was a correctional officer.

Director of Idaho Department of Corrections Josh Tewalt told reporters on Thursday that one of the officers had been released from hospital, while two others remained there but were “stable and improving”.

“I think with today’s news, their spirits are lifted,” he said.

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 04:00

Skylar Meade’s escape a ‘brazen and apparently coordinated’ attack

Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar previously described the escape by Skylar Meade, with help from Nicholas Umphenour, was a “brazen” attack on personnel from the Idaho Department of Corrections.

Officials say that the men left Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center before police backup arrived at the scene on Wednesday night. They were able to leave the premises in a grey four-door sedan, later identified as a Honda Accord.

At a previous press conference Chief Winegar said: “This brazen, violent, and apparently coordinated attack on Idaho Department of Corrections personnel, to facilitate an escape of a dangerous inmate, was carried out right in front of the Emergency Department, where people come for medical help, often in the direst circumstances.

“When BPD officers responded, they believed the shooter was inside the Emergency Department. They immediately entered to address any potential continued threat to Emergency Room staff.

“I am grateful this harrowing incident did not result in loss of life, and we are monitoring the wounded IDOC officers with great hope for a full and speedy recovery of all involved.”

Both Meade and Umphenour were detained on Thursday afternoon around 2pm local time.

Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 02:00

In pictures: Recaptured Idaho prisoner Skylar Meade and accomplice Nicholas Umphenour

Nicholas Umphenour (Boise Police Department via REUTERS)
Michelle Del Rey23 March 2024 01:00

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