Trump asks ‘Who is going to enter the Trump Quicksand?’ in bizarre Truth Social post

Apparently, many have tried

Oliver O'Connell
New York
Sunday 23 October 2022 11:47 EDT

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Donald Trump, a man not necessarily known for his clarity of thought or choice of words, took to Truth Social on Sunday morning to post a bizarre question to his followers.

“Who is going to enter the Trump Quicksand?” the former president began.

“Many have tried, leaving permanently damaged, or never to be heard from again!”

It is unclear what he’s talking about and to whom he is referring.

The post triggered adoring reactions from his supporters, who quickly posted memes in reply including several comparing Mr Trump to a lion, a poem, and a strange QAnon-themed cartoon.

Given the former president’s mounting legal problems and recent subpoena by the January 6 committee, it may seem a bold boast to claim that his past adversaries have been “permanently damaged” or have “never been heard from again”.

Soon after making the post, Mr Trump returned to his usual pastime of watching networks he likes to bash.

His next post reads: “Fake News CNN, on the low-rated Jake Tapper show, just stated that I control 30% of the Republican Party. I don’t want to control anything, but if they are going to use numbers, at least use the right ones, try 90%.”

He added: “Perhaps they should also mention that close to 100% of the people I Endorsed in the Republican Primaries WON…Unprecedented numbers!”

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