DeSantis condemns Trump for congratulating ‘murderous dictator’ Kim Jong-un

Trump congratulated dictator after North Korea was admitted to the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board

Bevan Hurley
Sunday 04 June 2023 15:13 BST
Air raid sirens heard in Seoul as North Korea launches suspected satellite

Donald Trump is under fire from Republicans for complimenting North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un after his country was admitted to the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board.

“Congratulations to Kim Jung Un!” the former president wrote on Truth Social, misspelling his name while sharing news of the admission.

The post drew immediate condemnation from GOP presidential candidates and state party leaders - including his top 2024 rival Ron DeSantis.

Asked about the post at an Iowa campaign event on Saturday, the Florida governor said: “I was surprised to see that. I mean, one, Kim Jong-un is a murderous dictator.”

Mr DeSantis noted that North Korea recently sentenced a family with a young infant to life in prison - before shifting his condemnation to the WHO.

“The World Health Organisation is a bankrupt organisation,” he said. “Like, Kim Jong-un is bad but joining that, we need to be getting out of that, and rejecting the WHO lockdown treaty and not congratulating about being involved in the WHO.”

Nikki Haley, Mr Trump’s former UN ambassador and another 2024 opponent, also rebuked Mr Trump.

“Kim Jong Un starves his own people,” Ms Haley said on Twitter.

“It’s a total farce that North Korea has a leading role at the World Health Organisation.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp wrote: “Taking our country back from Joe Biden does not start with congratulating North Korea’s murderous dictator.”

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