Trump campaign launches sprawling attack as Georgia grand jury hands down indictments

Ex-president will face 13 criminal charges after grand jury voted in Fulton County

John Bowden
Washington DC
Monday 14 August 2023 23:13 EDT

Indictments delivered in Trump case

Donald Trump’s campaign launched a sprawling attack against the various legal authorities prosecuting his wide range of alleged criminal activity Monday evening after it was reported that a grand jury had voted to hand down multiple indictments.

A lengthy statement from the Trump campaign underscored the anger the former president has shown for weeks as he continues to see the myriad legal problems surrounding him as nothing more than political attacks launched by his enemies.

Mr Trump faces 13 felony charges including RICO, conspiracy to commit forgery, filing false documents, Solicitation of Violation of Oath by Public Officer and more.

In addition, 18 Trump associates have also been indicted, including former White House chief of staff mark Meadows and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“Combined with the intentionally slow-walked investigations by the Biden-Smith goon squads and the false charges in New York, the timing of this latest coordinated strike by a biased prosecutor in an overwhelmingly Democrat jurisdiction not only betrays the trust of the American people, but also exposes true motivation driving their fabricated accusations,” the Trump campaign’s statement complained before the indictment was unsealed.

“These activities by Democrat leaders constitute a grave threat to American democracy and are direct attempts to deprive the American people of their rightful choice to cast their vote for President. Call it election interference or election manipulation—it is a dangerous effort by the ruling class to suppress the choice of the people. It is un-American and wrong.”

Mr Trump was indicted a short time after the statement was sent out on nearly a dozen charges related to his efforts to change the 2020 election’s results in Georgia.

Among the charges included solicitation of a public officer, forgery, and RICO Act violations. The counts are some of the most serious Mr Trump has faced in any court so far, including the Department of Justice’s list of counts related to his alleged federal crimes.

The ex-president has long denied any wrongdoing in the Georgia matter and all others. Just hours before the indictment was released, however, it was reported by CNN that the Fulton County DA’s office had conclusively linked the Trump team to a poll worker who had assisted in a data breach.

His total number of criminal counts is now closing in on triple digits as he continues to insist that he did nothing wrong over the several months where he and his team tried to change the results of the 2020 election, eventually inspiring a mob of his own supporters to attack and besiege the US Capitol.

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