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Trump cultist MAGA pastor calls Cassidy Hutchinson a ‘lying witch’

‘You are a rebellious Jezebel with your little lezzie spirit’

Gustaf Kilander
Washington, DC
Friday 01 July 2022 17:12 BST
Trump supporting pastor calls Cassidy Hutchinson a ‘lying witch’

Small town Mississippi preacher turned viral video MAGA pastor Shane Vaughn blasted former Trump staffer Cassidy Hutchinson in an unhinged rant after the ex-aide to then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows shared explosive testimony with the House Select Committee investigating the attack on Congress on January 6 2021.

Mr Vaughn called Ms Hitchinson a “little witch,” among other things, during a video posted on, which has since made the rounds on Twitter.

“Standing there lying on the President of the United States of America, the only legitimate one, and you're sitting there lying through your teeth because you are a witch,” he yells in the video. “You are a rebellious Jezebel with your little lezzie spirit.”

“You look like you're a walking zombie. You lie. You lie. You lie. You lie. We know you lied. You know you lied. You're a liar,” he added.

Ms Hutchinson testified on Tuesday that Donald Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle after his speech at the Ellipse on January 6 when he was told that he was going back to the White House and not to the Capitol. The former president wanted to join his supporters during the insurrection.

She said Mr Trump allegedly grabbed a Secret Service agent in his attempt to get his way.

Ms Hutchinson also said Mr Trump was aware some of his supporters were armed and that he wanted them to be able to get access to the area where he would be speaking anyway because they weren’t there to attack him.

She testified that Mr Trump’s speech that day was edited after then-White House counsel Pat Cipollone warned that the line “fight for me, fight for what we are doing, fight for the movement” shouldn’t be used.

Mr Cipollone allegedly said that Mr Trump going to the Capitol would make them vulnerable to “every crime imaginable”.

In response to Mr Vaughn’s comments, Twitter users slammed his remarks with one person even calling him out for being a bully.

“This is how Republicans keep their voting base loyal. These Q-Anon hate preachers tell congregations every Sunday that Trump really won and he’ll be back. Running defense for Trump, they use people’s fear of hell to convince them. Truth isn’t necessary or relevant to them,” Chris Pfeifer wrote.

“These people are just bullies hiding behind the Bible. Shameful,” another Twitter user said.

“Keep in mind they want to go back when it was legal to burn witches,” a third said.

“But being a rebellious jezebel with lezzie spirit is way more fun than being a religious zealot,” Twitter user Erin Tarantino added.

“Imagine reading the Bible, devoting your life to it and then acting like this expecting that you’ll end up in ‘heaven’?! The level of cognitive dissonance is wild!” another account holder wrote.

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