QAnon followers who went to Dallas to look for JFK Jr are refusing to leave

So-called ringleader of pro-Trump conspiracy has called on believers to remain in the city

Gino Spocchia
Monday 08 November 2021 15:38 EST

QAnon supporters gather in hope JFK Jnr. returns from dead

Dozens of QAnon followers who descended on Dallas’s Dealey Plaza to attend the so-called “resurrection” of JFK junior are reportedly refusing to go home.

A number of QAnon followers were seen in Dealey Park again at the weekend forming a gigantic “Q” in formation, as images and footage on social media showed.

According to Vice News, the remaining QAnon believers were following the words of Michael Brian Protzman, who apparently called Dallas “the promised land” in an audio chat obtained by the news outlet.

He was seen leading the group on Saturday, who were also reportedly filmed pointing toward a pyramid that he claimed was proof of the Illuminati.

The Enlightenment-era group is frequently cited by conspiracy theorists as being responsible for the assination of former US president John F Kennedy in 1963.

Footage from Dallas last week appeared to show dozens, if not hundreds, of QAnon followers at the AT&T Discovery Plaza, better known as Dealey Plaza.

It is the spot where John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. His son, meanwhile, died in a plane accident in 1999 aged 28. The two did not reappear on Tuesday, nor at the weekend.

It was alleged that followers of the conspiracy believed the son of the former US president would return from the dead to announce a 2024 bid with Donald Trump, another former US president — or at least reinstate him into office.

Others believed that John F Kennedy would also return along with his son, who would become president after a reinstated Mr Trump stepped down, as The Dallas Morning News reported.

Vice News reported that Mr Protzman allegedly told his followers that a member known as “Pyme Minister” on messaging app Telegram was looking for a headquarters for QAnon in Dallas.

Many on social media as well as political commentators have aired concerns as well as bemusement at last Tuesday’s crowd, and the QAnon conspiracy as a whole.

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