Rep Nancy Mace awkwardly tells prayer breakfast she declined premarital sex to be there

The South Carolina Republican was speaking at the state’s 13th annual prayer breakfast hosted by Sen Tim Scott

Kelly Rissman
Thursday 27 July 2023 22:28 BST
Nancy Mace suggests she turned down sex for prayer breakfast

South Carolina Rep Nancy Mace offered up a racy explanation for why she arrived on time for a Republican prayer breakfast – she avoided having premarital sex with her fiancée.

Ms Mace shared the “TMI” news at the 13th Annual South Carolina Prayer Breakfast hosted by 2024 presidential candidate, South Carolina Sen Tim Scott, on Wednesday.

The Republican congresswoman said, “When I woke up this morning at 7, I was getting picked up at 7.45, Patrick, my fiancé, tried to pull me by my waist over this morning in bed. And I was like, ‘No, baby, we don’t got time for that this morning.’”

“I gotta get to the prayer breakfast, and I gotta be on time,” she continued.

“A little TMI,” Rep Mace added. “He can wait, I’ll see him later tonight.”

Ms Mace tweeted on Thursday, reposting the video of her speech, writing: “I go to church because I’m a sinner not a saint! Glad those in attendance, including @SenatorTimScott and my pastor, took this joke in stride. Pastor Greg and I will have extra to talk about on Sunday.”

Ms Mace announced her engagement to her fiancé, tech entrepreneur Patrick Bryant, on May 15. He surprised her while she was filming a campaign ad, according to a campaign video.

“I said YES!!! I was told we were going door-knocking and shooting b-roll. My boyfriend had other plans,” she posted on social media.

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