Marjorie Taylor Greene addresses online conspiracy theory linking her to Jan 6 pipe bomber

While Ms Taylor Greene seems to take issue with conspiracy theories that she is the subject of, she is known to have pushed several herself

Graig Graziosi
Monday 24 July 2023 13:16 BST

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Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken to social media to address “one of many absolutely stupid conspiracy theories” linking her to the January 6 pipe bomber.

Back on 6 January 2021, authorities identified two pipe bombs in the Washington DC area — one each outside of the Republican National Committee and Democratic National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill.

The devices were discovered just minutes before Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, prompting concerns that they were planted as a distraction ahead of the chaos.

Based on the FBI surveillance footage, the bomber was wearing a grey hoodie, black gloves, light grey Nike Air Max Speed Turf shoes, glasses, and a Covid-19 face mask.

The suspect was also carrying a backpack to transport the bombs. However, despite numerous arrests beng made over the riots, no culprit for the pipe bombs has ever been located.

The lack of progress made in the case has fuelled wild conspiracy theories about the perpetrator, one of which includes the suggestion that the MAGA Republican congresswoman was responsible.

On Monday, Ms Taylor Greene – who herself loves a conspiracy theory – posted a video that featured her walking with the caption “Marge Greene doing what has been commonly referred to as the Pipe Bomber Strut”.

“Here is a perfect example of one of many absolutely stupid conspiracy theories about me. You have to be a completely delusional moron to believe this,” she said of the theory.

“Laughable and pathetic. The FBI never followed up on the video footage of the pipe bomber, even though they have the license plate and car identified.”

However, rather than simply addressing the conspiracy theory about herself, she also used her post to take a dig at President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

“Just like the idiots that are angry at me for exposing Hunter Biden’s self made porn and human sex trafficking, these same idiots actually think I’m the pipe bomber instead of demanding the FBI tell the truth about what they know about the fake pipe bomber,” she ranted.

Her comments came after the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into her bizarre decision to hold up nude photos of Hunter Biden during a House hearing.

Committee members slammed her actions, describing her as having “lowered herself, and by extension the entire House of Representatives, to a new level of abhorrent behavior”.

While Ms Taylor Greene seems to take issue with conspiracy theories when she is the subject of them, she is known to have pushed a number of wild conspiracy theories herself.

The congresswoman has repeatedly posted QAnon conspiracy theories online and also previously peddled the debunked “Pizzagate” conspiracy, claiming that the Clintons and other Democrats are running a human-trafficking and paedophile ring out of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC.

She has also pushed 9/11 trutherism conspiracies, was temporarily banned from Twitter for claiming the Covid-19 vaccine was deadly and recently sparked controversy by selling T-shirts claiming the monkeypox virus is a hoax.

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