Marjorie Taylor Greene likens Parkland survivor David Hogg to a dog in new video

After an old video of Greene harassing the Parkland school shooting survivor goes viral, another interview resurfaces where she is seen calling him an ‘idiot’

Stuti Mishra
Wednesday 03 February 2021 10:00 GMT
Old video of Marjorie Taylor Greene harassing Parkland Survivor David Hogg resurfaces
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A video of controversial Republican representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, calling Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg an “idiot” and “trained like a dog” has resurfaced, a week after footage of her harassing the gun control activist went viral.

“So he [David Hogg] is very trained, he's like a dog, he's completely trained,” Ms Greene can be heard saying in a now deleted video, which was first reported by NBC News.

The interview was given to Georgia Gun Owners executive director, Patrick Parsons, in 2019, less than two years before Ms Greene was elected to Congress.

Last week, another old video of hers resurfaced where she is seen following Mr Hogg, now 20, as he walked around the Capitol, harassing him for his gun control appeals. She can be heard asking a number of questions to the teenage activist about his appointment with senators while he keeps on walking, ignoring her.

Ms Greene can also be heard calling him a coward at one point as she asked: "Do you realise that if there had been guards with guns at your school that are trained that Nicolas Cruz would not have killed 17 people in your high school?”

“Good guys with guns hurt bad guys with guns, they'll kill them, and it will reduce the number of deaths,” she says.

Seventeen people were killed in Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland in 2018. Mr Hoggs, a survivor of the shooting, has been working as a gun control activist ever since.

Ms Greene has made several insensitive remarks about school shootings, including writing a post that said the Parkland shooting was a “false flag” planned event.

House Democrats are pushing to remove the House education and labor committee and ban her from serving on any committees in future as well, as her controversies continue to mount.

In the 2019 interview, quoted by NBC news, Ms Green proudly recounts her encounter with Mr Hoggs where she says:"I confronted David Hogg twice, and he ran away from me."

"I'm looking at this idiot David Hogg leading these girls who are clueless, absolutely clueless, into giving up the greatest thing that protects them, and as an American woman, I know that," she said. "Every woman in the world would love to have the rights I have."

"You're trying to get rid of the right to protect yourself from being abused, from being raped, from being taken over by a tyrannical government," she added.

"No one's covering my story. I want my Second Amendment, but none of you people are covering my voice," she said. "You're only covering their voice because they're paid for."

According to multiple reports, House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, and Ms Greene were supposed to meet on Tuesday to talk about the inflammatory statements she has made. However, it's not clear yet if the Republican party is planning to take any action against her.

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