Constituents are secretly giving Marjorie Taylor Greene the middle finger

Director of programming at Right Side Broadcasting Network calls photobombers ‘classless trash’

Gustaf Kilander
Washington, DC
Tuesday 22 August 2023 18:02 EDT

Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to have inadvertently captured constituent giving her the finger

Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s boyfriend Brian Glenn shared an image on his Instagram story of them posing with kids in MAGA hats, only to notice afterwards that people in the background appeared to be photobombing them.

Ms Greene and Mr Glenn, the director of programming at the Right Side Broadcasting Network, attended the Iowa State Fair last weekend following a visit by former President Donald Trump.

“These kids screamed ‘we love MAGA, Trump 2024’ […] They were so happy!” Mr Glenn wrote in a caption of the photo.

A number of viewers spotted a woman holding up her middle finger in the background while a man was sticking his tongue out and doing thumbs down.

“Then I noticed this AFTERWARDS,” Mr Glenn wrote in a caption as he zoomed in on the photobombers. “Classless trash.”

Brian Glenn shared a photo of him and Marjorie Taylor Greene at the Iowa State Fair

Brian Glenn lashed out at photobombers in his photo with Marjorie Taylor Greene

In June, Ms Greene shared a video on social media which seemed to include a constituent giving her the finger.

The Republican representative shared footage of her entering a stage in her district in northwest Georgia to a standing ovation, but one person appears to hold up their middle finger instead.

Sitting at the back and declining to stand and applaud, the constituent can be seen at the beginning of the video, which was posted on 1 June, as the rest cheer Ms Greene.

“WOW — thank you so much Cobb County! It is great to be back home in Northwest Georgia!!” Ms Greene wrote.

A number of social media users mocked the congresswoman for the attendance and the demographics of her supporters.

“There must be 100 teeth in that room and twice as many IQ points! Nice!” John Ales wrote.

“Why so many empty seats? Was there a cross-burning tonight?” Antonia Lee Donnelly asked.

“Wow...such diversity among your supporters: Old white people, aging pale people, elderly bleached people, geriatric milky people, broken down pasty people... You appeal to SO MANY different types, Greene. Congratulations,” Tim Williams added.

“Omg. A crowd of 27. I’ve seen bigger draws for two bums fighting on a Tuesday morning,” one account holder said.

Other users criticised Ms Greene for votes she has taken while in Congress, suggesting that she went against the interests of her constituents.

One Trump supporter wrote: “Tell those nice people in Cobb County how you sold them out for the establishment. You voted for more spending, more debt and more inflation.”

A fellow Trump backer added: “This is the shortest clip MTG has ever posted. Wonder why? Did you get some push back, Backstabber?”

In a follow-up post on 1 June, Ms Greene wrote: “Thank you to everyone who came out to my Town Hall tonight to ask questions and for allowing me to update you on the important work I’m doing to serve you in Congress! I will never stop working for the people and values of Northwest Georgia!”

Ms Greene represents Georgia’s 14th District. It was redrawn in 2021 to include parts of Cobb County, a suburb of Atlanta whose residents have moved more and more toward the Democratic column in the last few years, Newsweek noted.

In the presidential races in 2016 and 2020, former President Donald Trump lost the county.

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