Marjorie Taylor Greene predicts she’ll be allowed back on committees to hold ‘traitors and criminals’ to account

A few months ago, Greene was forced to admit to labelling Nancy Pelosi ‘a traitor’

Maroosha Muzaffar
Tuesday 08 November 2022 00:09 EST
Marjorie Taylor Greene predicts she’ll be allowed back on committees

Marjorie Taylor Greene indicated on Monday that she will be back serving on the committees as “there’s a lot of traitors and criminals that need to be held accountable”.

The Georgia Republican was removed from her committee assignments last year because of her incendiary comments in the past and apparent support of violence against Democrats. She was also accused of dishing out baseless conspiracy theories.

Ms Taylor Greene, a few months ago, was forced to admit to labelling Nancy Pelosi “a traitor” and calling for her execution.

Ms Taylor Greene had denied calling the Democrat leader a traitor, but was forced to backtrack after the court was shown a video of the congresswoman telling a crowd the Democrat speaker of the House was “guilty of treason... a crime punishable by death”.

Over the weekend, Ms Taylor Greene also threatened to shut down the federal government, ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

In an interview with Steve Bannon for his podcast, the Republican said: “We have serious problems. So what we have to do as Republicans when we’re in control of the purse and we’re setting these appropriation bills and our budget is — we have to refuse to raise the debt ceiling.”

She continued: “We have to get spending back under control and we have to do that by any means possible. And if that means a government shutdown, then I’ll be calling for a government shutdown.”

The Georgia Republican told Mr Bannon that “and you can see the people support what I’m saying, Steve. Because this government shut our country down with those Covid shutdowns. They destroyed businesses. They took away our freedom of speech. They hurt our children and our children’s education and they hurt so many people and we have not forgotten”.

Ms Taylor Greene was labelled a “false prophet”, along with former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, by the Christian organisation Faithful America.

In a petition that was signed by thousands of people, Faithful America slammed leaders of the “Christian nationalist movement” who “come to us in sheep’s clothing by claiming to speak for Jesus, but ultimately prove themselves to be ravenous wolves who manipulate the language of religion and care only for themselves, devouring the rights of non-Christians, women, migrant families, voters, and the LGBTQ community”.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, made a final plea on Monday night, before Tuesday’s high-stakes midterm elections. Addressing a crowd in Maryland, the president said: “Our lifetimes are going to be shaped by what happens the next year to three years. It’s going to shape what the next couple decades look like.”

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