Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed for saying abortion should be banned because motherhood makes women ‘better people’

‘We should be telling women that the best thing they can ever do in their whole life is to be a mother,’ Georgia Republican says

Gustaf Kilander
Washington, DC
Wednesday 29 September 2021 16:09 EDT
Marjorie Taylor Green says abortions should be banned because they 'scar your soul'

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has come under fire after arguing that abortions should be banned because they “scar your soul” and that women should be told that “the best thing they can ever do in their whole life is to be a mother”.

Ms Greene was speaking to right-wing streaming site Real America’s Voice when she said that the federal government should restrict reproductive rights in order to protect the “souls” of women and make them “better people” by removing access to abortion care.

“If we really care about women, like, like we say we do, then we should be telling women that the best thing they can ever do in their whole life is to be a mother,” Ms Greene told the outlet.

“Being a mother is the greatest thing I have ever done in my whole life, no matter what I do my entire life,” she added. “I will never do anything greater than being a mother, it is a true gift, whether a pregnancy is planned, whether the baby is born perfectly healthy or not. Being a mother is life-changing, life-altering, and makes women better people.”

She went on to claim that abortions “are actually things that can scar your body, they hurt you internally. And they not only that they scar your soul, and women have to live with this. We should care for women, love for women and teach them, you know how to care for themselves, and that would be being proud to be a mom”.

Ms Greene shouted at Democratic lawmakers on the steps of the USCapitol last week, making the false claim that they were “killing babies until birth”.

Michigan Democrat Debbie Dingell told Ms Greene: “You try being a Christian and start treating your colleagues decently.”

The confrontation arose after the House passed the Women’s Health Protection Act almost completely along party lines, with 218 people voting for it and 211 against it. Texas Representative Henry Cuellar was the only Democrat to vote against it.

The proposal would codify the protections for abortion as devised in Roe v Wade. Democrats passed the legislation after a law in Texas went into effect that restricts abortion as soon as cardiac activity is discovered – usually six weeks into a pregnancy and before most people are aware that they are pregnant.

“I said, ‘Are you happy you passed a bill that babies can be slaughtered up until the day of birth?’” Ms Greene told Real America’s Voice about the confrontation on the Capital steps. “There were so many Democrats and they have their signs: ‘Build Back Better Women.’ How on Earth is it making women better by creating a law where they can kill a baby in their womb even though the baby is about to be born? How are we building back better women when we’re turning men into women?

“And so I just started speaking out,” she added. “Most of them weren’t saying anything to me but it was Debbie Dingell – like a dingleberry – she started fussing at me, telling me I needed to be civil to my colleagues and act the way I would act going to church.”

Ms Greene’s comments sparked an immediate backlash.

“What would you know about one’s ‘soul’? You are minus a soul, a conscience, any morals, or any facts or proven truths. If you have children, I guarantee they are ‘scarred,’” one Twitter user wrote in response to Ms Greene’s comments on Wednesday.

“Yah, those two c-sections where I nearly died did wonders for my body and soul. No scarring what so ever,” Kristin Blackson wrote.

“These people think the Handmaid’s Tale is an instruction manual,” Keller West noted.

“Abortion bans don’t stop abortion. They stop safe abortions. Seeing women as complete people rather than as incubators means letting them make their own choices. Make motherhood a free/informed choice through social program support and education. Watch abortions drop,” Twitter user D66 Labs added.

“It’s good for me, therefore it HAS to be good for you also. Seems not very logical or loving,” another account holder wrote.

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