Lauren Boebert accused of covering up car crash that left teen severely injured while her son was driving

Noble D’ Amato says Lauren Boebert is ‘downplaying’ his injuries

Ariana Baio
Tuesday 11 April 2023 08:31 EDT
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A teenager who was involved in a car accident with Lauren Boebert’s son has accused the Colorado representative of trying to cover up the severe injuries he sustained.

Noble D’Amato, 19, was riding in the front seat of a vehicle with Tyler Boebert, 18, in September 2022 when the car flipped, leaving Mr D’Amato with “multiple concussions and a severely lacerated hand” according to Westword.

“I still have problems with my hand,” Mr D’Amato told the Colorado outlet. “My thumb almost got cut off. It prevented me from getting a welding job because I can’t hold a TIG torch anymore. I’m a personal-care provider now.”

According to Mr D’Amato, Mr Boebert was sober but “driving so f***ing fast” when the accident occurred.

Investigators indicated Mr Boebert “failed to negotiate a left-hand curve in the roadway” and veered off to the right side of the roadway before flipping into a creekbed.

Mr D’Amato said he remembers “waking up with blood pouring out of my hand.”

“I had put my hands up in the air to protect myself and got messed up really bad by the window or something. I was just glad to be alive.”

Now Mr D’Amato is alleging that Ms Boebert tried to cover up his injuries.

“She’s never liked me,” Mr D’Amato said. “But that doesn’t give them the right to try and hide the fact that I was injured. They just don’t give a f***. It’s the entire family.”

Mr D’Amato recognised that the crash was an accident but said he wants the family to acknowledge it.

“I know he didn’t mean to do it. It was an accident. But the fact that they’re downplaying it like this is something else. Superficial injuries? I got multiple concussions. My thumb was almost cut off. I couldn’t hold a torch. It prevented me from getting a welding job. So, yeah, harm was definitely done,” Mr D’Amato told Westword.

Ms Boebert’s office told The Independent that the incident “involved two minors” and “the injury reported was superficial at best and was addressed by medical professionals out of caution.”

Mr D’Amato told Westword he was 19 at the time, meaning he was an adult rather than a minor.

After the crash, Mr D’Amato said he was issued an unlawful possession of a schedule IV controlled substance and a drug paraphernalia charge.

Mr Boebert was issued a “careless driving causing bodily injury” ticket that was later dropped down to a “defective vehicle for headlights” ticket after a plea deal.

The Independent has reached out to Ms Boebert’s office for additional comment.

Mr Boebert made headlines earlier this year with the news that he was expecting a baby with his girlfriend - making Ms Boebert a grandmother at just 36 years old.

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