Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in every country polled except Russia, poll finds

Almost every country had Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide

Jon Stone
Political Correspondent
Tuesday 18 October 2016 08:36 EDT
Donald Trump is running for US president
Donald Trump is running for US president

Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump by a landslide in an election in nearly every country of the world except Russia, a new global poll has found.

The worldwide survey, by WIN / Gallup International Association, surveyed a sample of nearly 50,000 people in 45 countries, covering 75 per cent of the global population.

Mr Trump beat Ms Clinton in the Russian Federation by a 23 per cent gap, but every other country polled had Ms Clinton winning by what would be considered a landslide.

The biggest gaps between the two candidates were in European countries. In Portugal Mr Trump would lose, getting just 5 per cent of the vote to Ms Clinton’s 85 per cent.

In Britain Mr Trump get win 15 per cent of the vote to Ms Clinton’s 64 per cent, with 21 per cent saying they did not know which way they would vote.

In Finland, South Korea, Sweden, Colombia, Mexico, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Paraguay Mr Trump would lose by a margin of around 70 per cent or more, the poll found.

Apart from Russia the most Trump-friendly country was China, where he would only lose by 9 per cent.

Some Eastern European countries with insurgent far-right movements were also moderately less hostile to Mr Trump than average. He would only lose by 25 per cent in Bulgaria, for instance.

Hillary Clinton is the favourite to win after the Trump campaign imploded 

Many countries had high numbers of people who said they did not know which way they would vote, however – reflecting variable numbers of people following US politics.

Current polls suggest Mr Trump is on course to lose the US presidential election next month, though some polling analysts still say he has a path to victory and could turn the campaign around.

Mr Trump is getting on average 39.6 percent of the vote compared to 46.2 percent for Hillary Clinton, according to an average of polls calculated by the Politico website.

The Republican party's candidate has been dogged with criticism after countless scandals, including his pledging to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and the revealing of a tape in which he endorsed the groping of women.

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