Trump Force One clipped another plane on runway after leaving New Jersey rally

The FAA is investigating the Sunday incident

Katie Hawkinson
Wednesday 15 May 2024 16:03
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Donald Trump’s private plane swiped another aircraft at a Florida airport on Sunday, according to a report.

On Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported a private Boeing 757 clipped another unoccupied corporate aircraft while taxiing at West Palm Beach International Airport. Now, Reuters reports that Boeing 757 is the former president’s “Trump Force One”.

The FAA said the incident, which is being investigated, happened in an area where the organisation does not direct aircraft. The Independent has contacted Mr Trump’s 2024 campaign for comment.

Donald Trump’s Boeing 757, pictured at Palm Beach International Airport, clipped another unoccupied corporate plane while taxiing on Sunday (Getty Images)

The incident happened just hours after Mr Trump wrapped up a campaign rally in New Jersey on Saturday. There, he inexplicably praised the “great” Hannibal Lecter and took a jab at a beloved icon from the state: Bruce Springsteen. The move didn’t end well for him, after fans of Mr Springsteen took to social media to mock the former president, poking holes in his campaign’s claim that 80,000 people attended his rally.

The former president purchased his $100m private plane in 2010. Earlier this year, Mr Trump made his love for the aircraft model clear on social media.

“Boeing should bring back the 757, the most beautiful, best-handling plane (from the pilots standpoint!) that Boeing ever made,” the former president said on Truth Social in January.

“Stop with the crazy extensions of the 737, the worst-looking plane in the air,” he continued.

His comments came just days after a door plug fell off a Boeing plane mid-flight. While there were no major injuries, passengers were left terrified – and three of those on board even sued the airline.

Boeing has since been in the national spotlight as whistleblowers come forward to raise concerns about the manufacturer’s safety standards.

Earlier this year, Sam Salehpour, a current quality engineer for the manufacturer, testified to Congress about his concerns. He said Boeing has a “culture of retaliation” when employees speak up about their concerns.

When asked if the planes are safe, Mr Salehpour testified: “It’s like an earthquake. When that hits the building ... [it has] to be prepared to accommodate that type of shake-up... Right now, from what I’ve seen, the airplanes are not being billed per spec, and per requirements.”

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