CNN taunts Trump on July 4 with Abraham Lincoln quote on facts

The post did not mention the President, but it was obvious who it was directed at 

Andrew Buncombe
New York
Tuesday 04 July 2017 13:26 EDT
CNN has often been on the receiving end of attacks from Mr Trump
CNN has often been on the receiving end of attacks from Mr Trump

Americans marked Independence Day in a variety of ways.

Some got out their barbecues, others hit the beach.

CNN took the opportunity to make a gentle but important point to President Donald Trump about his recent attacks on the media.

In recent months, the network has been routinely criticised and attacked by Mr Trump, who has denounced it as a peddler of “fake news”. When three of its journalists resigned after the network withdrew a report about one of Mr Trump’s transition team officials, he mocked them.

All of Donald Trump's attacks on Barack Obama for playing golf

Most recently, Mr Trump retweeted a piece of edited wrestling video that showed him flooring a figure whose head had been replaced by CNN logo.

So on July 4, CNN decided to post a tweet that read: “Celebrate America and its freedoms this #IndependenceDay.”

It showed an image of Abraham Lincoln, one of the country’s most celebrated presidents, accompanied by one of his many powerful comments.

The quotation, which is displayed at the Newseum in Washington, an interactive museum that promotes free expression and the First Amendment of the constitution, read: “Let the people know the facts and the country will be safe.”

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