New York Rep Jamaal Bowman tweeted about Nia Long and people had thoughts: ‘Take your shot bro’

Bowman is a member of the Squad and a New York Knicks fan.

Eric Garcia
Friday 23 September 2022 13:57 EDT

Representative Jamaal Bowman came to the the defence of Nia Long after reports circulated about her partner, Boston Celtics coach Ume Udoka, having a relationship with someone on staff.

The Boston Celtics suspended Mr Udoka for the entirety of the 2022 to 2023 NBA season after it was reported that he had an intimate relationship with a staffer on the team, ESPN reported.

The suspension comes just after the Celtics went to the NBA finals this year but lost to the Golden State Warriors.

Many on social media pointed out how Mr Udoka is engaged to actress Nia Long, who despite being with a Celtics coach, is a native of Brooklyn. Various fans of Ms Long came to her defense -- including Mr Bowman.

“Sending nothing but love to Nia Long,” Mr Bowman tweeted. “We’re not letting a man, who didn’t recognize the luxury her presence was, dim all her beauty and glory. Matter of fact, we need a Nia Long national holiday!“

Plenty of people on social media joked about the congressman shooting his shot with the actress.

“shooters shoot,” one woman tweeted.

“take your shot bro,” another person wrote.

“Ladies and gentlemen your 2022 Kia® Wild Boy Of The Year™,” yet another posted.

Later, Mr Bowman, who is married and a fan of the New York Knicks, responded to critics and fans alike to say that he was not trying to flirt with Ms Long.

“Hahaha, ya’ll hilarious,” he tweeted. “Y’all do know it’s okay for a man to show a woman love and support without shooting his shot? That’s actually a thing.”

Mr Bowman frequently posts memes about pop culture, as was the case when he tweeted about Joe Manchin wanting to ease restrictions for energy projects using the meme about Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine reportedly direct messaging a woman with whom he allegedly had an affair.

He also recently posted a TikTok of a racoon coming out of a dumpster with the caption: “Waking up in America and remembering you don’t have free healthcare, paid family leave, a livable minimum wage, free healthcare, affordable housing, clean air and water, reproductive rights, equitable voting rights, well funded public schools...”

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