‘I came for ice cream’: Biden quip after riots question compared to Bush’s ‘now watch this swing’ comment

Commission vote failed in Senate despite Biden labelling insurrection ‘greatest assault since the Civil War on the Capitol’ but managed to satisfy sweet tooth

Clara Hill
Friday 28 May 2021 16:46 EDT
<p>Biden speaking to reporters about the Senate 6 January Comission vote.</p>

Biden speaking to reporters about the Senate 6 January Comission vote.

President Joe Biden’s remarks about Friday’s Senate vote on the investigation into the Capitol riots have been compared to President George W. Bush’s comments about the need for the second Iraq war.

"I can’t imagine anyone voting against establishing a commission on the greatest assault since the Civil War on the Capitol. But at any rate, I came for ice cream,” Mr Biden told reporters while holding a chocolate ice cream, brushing off questions about he felt about today’s vote, which the House of Representatives failed to pass it.

People compared his comment to Mr Bush standing on a golf course back in 2002, and appealing to American public to support his plans to invade Iraq.

“I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now watch this drive,” he said to reporters before attempting to turn the attention to his adept golfing skills.

“This is one of the most Bush clips I’ve ever seen,” one user wrote, with another replying that it had “some real ‘Now watch this drive’ energy”

Matthew Busch also tweeted, “Getting some real W energy from this”. W (or Dubya) was the nickname of the former president, who was known for his gaffes to the world’s press.

Another person wrote of the video, “New ‘Now watch this drive’ clip just dropped.”

The 6 January commission will not be going ahead, the measure failing by a vote of 54-35. Eleven senators – nearly all Republicans – skipped the vote.

For matters regarding former President Donald Trump, Republicans tend to toe the party line despite widespread critique of the events on 6 January.

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