Neighbor accused of killing father and son over noise complaint is shot dead by police

Jason Pass complained that his upstairs neighbours were noisy for years before the shooting

Graig Graziosi
Friday 03 November 2023 20:41 GMT

Suspect in double murder reportedly shot by police

A man who was wanted for a double murder in Brooklyn, New York, was shot and killed during a confrontation with police.

Jason Pass, 47, was shot and killed by police on Wednesday morning after he allegedly killed a father and son in Brooklyn on Sunday, ABC7 reports.

The father and son were reportedly Mr Pass's upstairs neighbours. Police identified him as a suspect after reviewing security footage taken from the apartment. The footage reportedly shows the entire incident including the shooting, according to police.

The victims have been identified as Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and his 27-year-old son Chinwai Mode.

Police caught up to Mr Pass while he was driving. They pulled him over and approached his car, but Pass reportedly exited with a knife in his hand.

Jason Pass, left, and Bladimy Mathurin, who were neighbours in a Brooklyn apartment, arguing before Pass allegedly shot and killed Mr Mathurin and his son Chinwai Mode

Officers said in their report that they attempted to talk him down for 15 minutes, but Pass allegedly charged the officers, who then shot and killed him. He was hit three times in the chest and once in his right leg.

Pass formerly worked as a transit conductor for the MTA, and spent several months working as a prison guard at Sing Sing.

Police believe the shooting was the culmination of a years-long feud over noise between Pass and his upstairs neighbours. Pass made at least six 311 calls from his apartment since 8 March, 2022, all of which were noise complaints about the men above him.

Relatives of the victim called Pass "psychotic" and said he constantly harassed them with noise complaints.

"This man hates us with every bone in his body," Marie Delille, Mr Mathurin's wife, told CBS News before Pass was killed by police.

She recalled hearing an angry banging from Pass's apartment on the day of the shooting. She said her husband banged back at the neighbour, after which Pass allegedly kicked their door.

"I was in the kitchen, doing dishes in the sink, I heard bang bang bang. I asked did anybody make noise? The kids be like, no mommy, nobody made noise. My husband banged back. The man came upstairs and kicked the door," she said.

Police said Mr Mathurin opened the door, stepped into the hallway, and began arguing with Pass, apparently while threatening him with a pair of scissors. Pass then allegedly shot Mr Mathurin and his son. Mr Mathurin attempted to crawl back to his door after being shot, but security footage shows Pass follow him to his door and allegedly fire a single shot into his head.

Ms Delille rejects that her husband was threatening in any way before the attack.

"My husband had no gun, no weapon. Why did you bring a gun to shoot my family? Why would you bring a gun to tear my family apart? Why? Why?" she said. "I need justice to be served."

Pass did not use a licensed firearm in the alleged attack. Officers are still investigating the incident and are in the process of obtaining a search warrant to examine his car interior.

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